... joke, it's my honky tonky junky joek..... (LINE 3)
... Joek don't feed my monkey, junky Joek, so don't need my honky, tonky junky Joek (RITHMIC CHORUS)
.... you fuckin' junkey (LINE 4, 5)
Just a bit of life
Short time at my disposal… I
This life
Too many things to finish

So I like you as you are
I like you only as you want
Like a dream, she becomes
She translates into action my head.....

With my shakin’ mind that’s moving.
My mind isn’t alone, only I…
I use to live with my deviated perversion....
Clearer reflexes and you, reflexes are reflecting that
you made it good, you’re the road, bended and twisted, my life is short and distort, play
While my effort is coming back in order to shape my idea