#8 Insanology
...doom, to doom, dummy, dummy, It’s a doom, to doom, doom, dummy the... (BASS LINE)
...doom. doom. doom (LINE 4)
...sing it, sing it (LINE 5)’s a puppet ‘n muppet, ‘n puppet ... (NEW RHYTHM LINE) your insanity, salvami la bile, save the sanity ... (horn section first THEME)
...insanology ... (WORD)
here is it, your rational new idea, and you want it
tell me if you feel better with your new outstanding disease
I live with mine, live with it without melancholy, get out from me ,
You’re lookin’ for me and find a new solution for us, for all of us
My ideal vertebral gives me my personal part
The saved vertebra is preserved and the antidote evil, mine.